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"The construction material itself is something I’m very pleased with. FRAME imported all the steel used for the structure from Canada (none of the cheap Chinese stuff most contractors build with here in CR)...My company manages 35 properties in Costa Rica and, I know from experience, using quality construction materials and working with a contractor who builds using building methods and standards most North Americans and Europeans are accustomed to is very important to me me, and that is what led me to work with FRAME. The weather in Costa Rica is brutal on homes and having a home built using the best materials, by a quality contractor will not only save you time and money on maintenance, but also save you money when it comes to your electric bill!" - Keith Clower

Build Smart

Why you'll love your FRAME - built project:

  • Low maintenance: structure not subject to warping, cracking or rotting.
  • Galvanized (zinc coated) steel resists rust & corrosion.
  • Earthquake-safe: lightweight and flexible, meets all seismic requirements.
  • Steel's high strength-to-weight ratio means strong and resilient. 
  • Suitable for windy conditions.
  • Thermal efficiency means significant energy savings.
  • Moisture resistance = less mold problems caused by rain, humidity condensation.
  • Termites don't like steel, and tightly sealed joinery reduces bug infestations.
  • Steel is non-combustible and won't contribute to a fire's spread.
  • Want to remodel or expand?  The LSF system makes it easy!

Why we love building with Steelform's Light Gauge framing system:

  • Quick construction with small teams.
  • Easy to transport and handle.
  • Less foundation problems: less weight = less movement.
  • LGS structures are easier to install on sloped lots.
  • Design flexibility and ease of accomodating adjustments.
  • Smooth installation of electrical, HVAC & plumbing due to open-web stud design.
  • Consistent quality: materials produced to strict international standards.
  • Dimensionally stable: steel doesn't expand or contract with moisture content.
  • Straight walls & square corners ease finish installation.
  • Low defects = satisfied customers!