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"It was super important to me to build as sustainably as possible. FRAME was the one Builder I interviewed who not only 'got it' but their work clearly demonstrated that they shared my values". - Sarah Starkey

Build Green

Steel is 100% recyclable.

  • Our light gauge steel framing materials contain > 40% recycled content.
  • Scrap is sold to recyclers and is re-used.

Steel framing produces less waste.

  • Waste = 2% for steel vs. 15-20% for concrete block.
  • Consistent quality means less non-conforming materials.
  • Framing materials are built-to-spec and require very little trimming.
  • Your materials go into your home, not into a dump!

Cleaner, greener construction sites.

  • Less concrete = less dust & chemicals to pollute the air, soil & groundwater.
  • Far less water used due to minimized concrete mixing.
  • Less hydrocarbons for concrete mixers, transport trucks, etc.
  • You can landscape your site while you build!

FRAME's steel structures are energy efficient.

  • 25% less energy used for A/C than concrete block.
  • Design of the framing members is proven to minimize heat transfer into the structure.
  • Framing with steel can contribute to LEED credits.