What is Light Gauge Steel Framing (LSF)?

The advent of light gauge (lightweight) steel framing is one of the most exciting developments in recent times in the steel and construction industries.  While this construction technology has been used for decades throughout North America, Europe and Australia, it has only recently been introduced in Central America, where heavy concrete block construction has been the norm.   In Costa Rica, as industry professionals see the great results and advantages of LSF, it's rapidly becoming the framing system of choice.

What Consumers should know about LSF technology:

LSF consists of galvanized, cold-formed steel components (studs, joists & trusses) assembled with stainless steel fasteners.  Insulation and wrapping materials are added to make the structure air and water-tight, and standard wall claddings (stucco, drywall, etc.) finish things off.  The result is a structure resistant to rot, mold, corrosion, termites and fire with maximum energy efficiency.  Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, and LSF structures flex when the earth moves, absorbing seismic energy, meaning LSF is the logical choice for earthquake-prone areas like Costa Rica.   Finally, FRAME's LSF system makes future repairs and remodels a breeze compared to other framing alternatives.   Build smartbuild fast and  build green! 

Architects, Developers and Builders: 

LSF offers you high construction quality, cost-efficiency and rapid completion.  It’s also predictable, easy to replicate, low on defects and gives your clients design flexibility, for instance making last-minute window changes.  Builders may use FRAME to subcontract framing only, and after sufficient training may even elect to use their own work crews.   LSF will save you time, money and aggravation and will delight your customers!

LSF systems are NOT all alike.

FRAME is the exclusive Central American distributor for Steelform, a 40 year-old Canadian manufacturer with facilities throughout North America.  Besides providing exceptional product quality, engineering services and fast delivery to FRAME and its clients, Steelform has a truly superior LSF system that raises the bar on the already significant advantages of building with steel.  You will find NO better LSF system in Costa Rica, and no better-qualified professionals than FRAME to design and install your LSF system.

Steelform produces both conventional lightweight steel-framing products including studs, tracks, joists and drywall accessories and a line of state-of-the-art, patented framing components including DeltaStud, Composite DeltaStud, Mega Joist and the Ultrabond Composite Deck Floor System.  Product applications, specifications and load tables are here.

FRAME makes building easy.

FRAME will help you optimize your architectural plans for your LSF system.  Plus, we have close alliances with trusted suppliers like ASM Industries, meaning critical steel connection accessories and construction materials, like PolyIso insulation, plumbing, electrical and drywall supplies will arrive alongside your LSF system ready for just-in-time delivery on your site. 

Whether you’re a Consumer, Developer, Architect or Builder, when you choose FRAME as your builder or framing supplier we do the hard work of materials specification, sourcing and logistics, freeing you to focus on what YOU do best and enjoy most!

FRAME is the sole authorized Central America Distributor for STEELFORM building products.steelform